A Novel Approach to Bridge Fabrication

Starting back in May 2013, Albensi Laboratories partnered with a great doctor located in Oklahoma.  Together we created a Clinical Brief for the 2013 November issue of Inside Dentistry.  To read this unique Clinical Brief, please click on the following link: http://www.dentalaegis.com/id/2013/11/a-novel-approach-to-bridge-fabrication.

Please contact Albensi Laboratories if there are any questions about the Clinical Brief or best practices for bridge fabrication.  Enjoy!

Screw-Retained Posterior BruxZir® or e.max®

Have you ever wondered about Screw-Reatined Posterior BruxZir® or e.max® restorations?

This is a viable solution that many doctors are using to assure future success if something changes within the patient mouth.  Please take a look at our recent advertisement within Inside Dentistry and feel free to contact us at 1.800.734.3064 to learn more.